What I’m up to now

(Inspired by Derek Sivers)

  • I adopted a vegan diet in 2014 because my dermotologist recommended cutting out meat, eggs, and dairy to treat my hormonal cystic acne. It was initially tough, but having clearer skin was worth it. I still ate too much processed food, though (mmmm, potato chips). Last month, I decided to improve my eating habits even more by making whole food, plant-based meals with no oil and low sugar and salt based on the plans from Clean Food Dirty Girl. I’m still getting used to shopping and cooking only once a week, but I’m already amazed at the benefits. Better sleep, more energy, even more improved skin, a few pounds gone, lower grocery bills. Did I mention the food is delicious? I feel like I’m spoiling myself with every meal, which is quite a feat–I now eat for both health AND pleasure.
  • In another involuntary dietary change, I’m now alcohol-free. Yep, I quit drinking for good. I learned last week (the hard way) that my body can’t handle alcohol anymore. My face turned red and I wanted to throw up after only half a drink, which never happened before. I’m not a huge drinker, but I really enjoy cocktails. Oh well, I managed to give up cheese–this will be much easier.
  • I’m editing a novel draft that’s been sitting on my hard drive for too long. I’ve debated whether to delete the draft since my interests and writing style have changed a lot since I finished the draft. I deleted drafts of several other novels a few months because I felt they were unfixable (no regrets on the digital decluttering–it freed up a lot of mental space). This one, however, refuses to die. so I’m pushing myself to finish it. I have to remind myself that “done” is better than “perfect.”
  • Even though I haven’t had a social media account in years, I still waste too much time online. I’m making a concerted effort to limit my web surfing.

– February 2019