What I’m up to now

(Inspired by Derek Sivers)

Ever have a creative project that was dead on arrival? That’s what happened with a novel I started writing in August. It was my attempt to change the genre of a novel draft I’d completed without changing the parts of the story I liked. As you may imagine, it didn’t go well.

I’m beginning to suspect that my story ideas are like avocados: once they’re ripe, I have to finish them quickly or else they spoil. That means I need to (1) work on one project at a time, (2) write a hell of a lot faster, especially when it comes to longer pieces, and (3) complete them (including edits) and get them into the submission grinder before I change my mind and delete them instead. Something to ponder.

I’m feeling a bit unmoored right now. Part of me feels like I should keep trying to write a submittable novel, but I’m not feeling it. Novels are a big commitment, and honestly I don’t feel up to it at the moment. Maybe I’ll focus exclusively on short stories (my first love) for a while and see how that goes.

– October 2019