In order to successfully emulate Mili’s work, I limited myself to the same technique he employed: Multiple strobe exposures throughout a long exposure, freezing a fast-moving subject. Due to the impressive technical nature of his work, using digital exposure merging techniques felt disingenuous and out of touch. Gjon Mili used stroboscopic photography to introduce movement, dynamics, fluidity and direction into his work. Could a few photoshop layers ever convey the same? (Refer to first photo)
Then, as an effort to modernize the photo, I chose to use a more modern technique to “update” the original; a long exposure. This technique, whilst extremely established amongst experienced photographers, was always done using natural light. Nowadays, we are able to use large studio lights, blending strobes and continuous lighting to illuminate the subject, oftentimes painting with light to add a layer of interest to a photograph. My modern recreation would have been a great challenge to do in the past as having powerful continuous lighting was scarce; often making indoor long exposure portraits extremely difficult. (Refer to second photo)

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