Hello! It's nice to meet you!
My name is Sophia Han and I'm a photographer based in Toronto and the GTA. My shooting experience spans about 3 years and I'm currently studying Photography at Centennial College.
Growing up, I've always been attracted to the arts; anything creative and where I could get my hands dirty doing it. All of my life I've attended art classes, and slowly built up my skills in all the traditional arts and thinking creatively. Up until my last year of high school, I assumed that the right path for me was something traditional at a prestigious art school, but as I was considering future careers, I could not stand the thought of pouring months of work into one work and hoping it would get me somewhere. Impulsively, I chose to apply to a few photography programs for post secondary. I then began to take photography seriously, completely changing directions from rough, stained supplies and equipment to compact technology. I took photos of everything I could, using my friends and sibling as models and never leaving my camera behind. Thus my love for photography began to grow.
Now, I'm able to create complex conceptual ideas and take them in an aesthetically pleasing sense. In my time as a student, I'm being mentored by working commercial photographers, allowing me to learn and develop my techniques and marketability, hopefully leading this to a full time career.
Thank you!
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