Blogging ambivalence, trying yet again

I’ve lost count of how many blog posts I’ve written and taken down over the years. I hated blogging when it was part of “building my brand” because it was all about creating an image, not what I actually wanted to write.

But I have to admit that writing less frequently has atrophied my writing muscles. Worse yet, I convinced myself that I was better off invisible, that no one would care what I had to say anyway. That’s not a fun way to go through life.

I guess I want to approach this blog with a new mindset, viewing it as something I do solely for me, for *gasp* fun. I’ve always processed my thoughts through writing, and judging by how tangled my brain’s been lately, more writing should only help. If this attempt doesn’t go well, I can always delete the blog. It wouldn’t be the first time.