Finding delight at the gas station

There’s a gas station I go out of my way to visit, and not only because they have the cheapest prices around and their windshield washing supplies are always full and clean. It’s because their sign always makes me smile:

2018-04-23 13.45.12

They change the sign every few weeks. Past quotes include “I walked into a spiderweb. Cardio’s done,” “If your car is running, I’m voting for it,” “You can’t do epic stuff with basic people,” and “Normal people worry me.” I always look forward to seeing what new silliness they bring.

The fun doesn’t stop with the sign, however. The name of their company is:

2018-04-23 14.30.20

They don’t have to do this. Millions of gas stations do just fine selling gas, snacks, and cigarettes without frills, sometimes even without a smile. But isn’t it wonderful to bring customers a little fun to a normally dull errand? It costs them nothing, but it seems to bring in business because the place is often more crowded than the station across the street even though they sell gas for the same price. It reminds me that even mundane things can be elevated with a little care and creativity.

Pay attention to what’s around you. Delight can be found anywhere, even at the gas station.